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About Us

Fudgeheaven is actually just one person! My name is Gary Davis. I am a Brummie who escaped to the semi-rural delights of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I have been making this wonderful sweet treat since around 2001. 

Birth of a Legend
It all began when, one day whilst trying to sell my art at a craft fair, I noticed that, as usual, people were only browsing. However, nearly everybody had bought something from the sweet stall. So I went home, opened the kitchen cupboards and started throwing a few ingredients together. When I gave some to my friend to try, he suggested adding chocolate AND Bailey's Liqueur to the recipe.... ...and so began the wild adventure that is Fudgeheaven! I contacted the local council and trading standards to get all of the relevant permissions and guidance and began making it from my home kitchen.

As well as just eating them as a luxurious treat, they make a wonderful ingredient in several recipes. If you bake, why not buy a slab of your favourite flavour and try some of the following...

I bake cookies and add small pea size chunks to the top as they come out of the oven. The fuffle softens and makes the perfect topping (Especially the peanut butter).

Push pea size chunks into the muffins once they're nearly cooked. (Got that idea courtesy of my son, Sam, when he had to take an ingredient from home to make muffins at school!)

Pancakes (or crepes if you're posh).
Make pancakes and put a piece of your favourite fuffle (about the size of a kitkat finger) on, then roll and let the fuffle melt.

A large spoonful of any Fuffle added to either coffee or hot chocolate is fantastic.

Ice Cream
Chunks of your favourite flavour swirled into softened vanilla or chocolate ice cream is wonderful (but don't waste it on the kids!) If you have any suggestions for other ways to enjoy my Fuffle, please feel free to email me

Product Development & Marketing.
The first craft show at which I unveiled Fuffle was an amazing success. I sold out halfway through the day and realised I had created something quite special. The next stage was to try it out on Ebay.
This was quite an incredible experience as I sold vast amounts to people from all over the world.
Realising the potential of the internet (but being tight with my money), I went to college to learn how to build a website. As you can see from this, I'm no genius but I learned enough to bring this to the world.
Bromsgrove Small Business Development (part of the council) gave me a grant and found premises suitable for me. So, the whole operation was moved from my kitchen at home to a purpose built kitchen in a unit next to the canal in rural Bromsgrove. I now sell several different flavours ranging from the original Chocolate Peanut butter Fuffle to Amaretto. As you may have noticed, I make several Liqueur based flavours as they seemed to be the most popular but, as time has gone on, I have perfected many alcohol free flavours. There are now 21 different flavours - the newest being "Naughty Marmalade". It's Gin & Orange - made using Tipsy Gin's leftovers from the process of making their amazing Orange Gin.
As a boy, I always loved those cheap "make it yourself" packet cheesecakes. Unfortunately I would always eat the biscuit base as I was making it, forcing my mom to have to go out and buy a pack of digestive biscuits so that we could continue.
Recalling this made me wonder what Fuffle would taste like on a biscuit base..... ....OH MY GOD!
Trust me, you have to try these. I never tire of eating them (unfortunately for my waistline!) You can buy them topped with your favourite Fuffle that weigh 1lb.

The Future
Now I am in my new purpose built kitchen, I am earning a full time living from this. My kitchen has now got a counter which means you can call in.
You are welcome to come and visit me there - you'll get to try anything that I am making that day!

To give a more accurate description of everything that I make, I call everything "Fuffle" as it is halfway between a fudge and a truffle (and "Trudge" doesn't sound too good!)

If you are a retailer interested in stocking anything that I make, please contact me as I give a very generous discount enabling you to make a healthy profit from spreading a little more 'heavenly' joy!

One last thing...
Everything you find on this devillishly naughty site has been handmade. With prices from 99p to £29.99, there is something to suit everyone's pocket and tastebuds.
So go on, if you're not going to treat yourself, show someone you care with a handmade gift that tastes like HEAVEN....!
For lovers of handmade luxury Fuffle filled with your favourite tipple. Whether you want a small treat for yourself, or a luxury gift for someone, there is something to suit everyones'' tastebuds and budget.

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