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What is Fuffle?

Fuffle was first created by me in around 2001
I had been trying to sell my beautiful pyrography pictures at craft fairs for over a year.
But as much as people loved them, few people bought as they were expensive items.
However, I finally noticed that as people watched me create my little pieces of art,
they were eating sweets bought from the sweetie man at the craft fair.
So, when I got home from a fruitless show one Sunday afternoon I opened my cupboards,
took out everything that I thought might be a suitable ingredient and began concocting.
Amazingly it worked first time!
And so began my new venture.
13 years on and all that's changed is the oresentation and packaging.
I've added new flavours over the years but the basic recipe and style of making Fuffle hasn't changed.

Fuffle is vegetarian and (apart from the MaltEasy) it's all gluten free.

There are no E numbers or nasty unnatural chemicals.


Flavours available:

*Amouretto - Creamy Amaretto
*†Baileys Comet - Chocolate & real Baileys Liqueur
*†Bountiful - Chocolate & Coconut Rum
Bustin Vanilla - Madagascan Vanilla
CaFuffle - creamy Caramel
*Cheeky Tart! Tastes like a Cherry Bakewell but with Amaretto!
†Hot Fuff - Chocolate & Chilli
†Chocochino - Chocolate & Coffee
†ChocoFuffle - Chocolate with a hint of Vanilla
*†C.R.A.V.E. - Chocolate, Raspberry & Vodka
*Dad's Favourite - Rum and Raisin
*Festive Fuffle - tastes just like Christmas Pudding - only available from early November until Christmas
Gary's Chocolate Orange - Chocolate & Orange
Ginja Ninja - Very gingery!
JD's Choc Rocket - Chocolate & real Jack Daniels
Lemon Fizz - Very Lemony!
**†Malt?Easy! - Chocolate & Malt
†Mintastic - Chocolate & Mint
*Tias of Joy - Chocolate & real Tia Maria
English Summer - Strawberry & cream
†Sam's Utterly Nutterly - Chocolate & Peanut Butter

*Contains alcohol
**Contains Gluten
†Contains Cocoa Powder

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