Droitwich Food Festival Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th

Droitwich Food Festival Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th

My next event is not until Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th when I'll be at my most local event - Droitwich Food Festival.

It's in Vines park which is literally 10 minutes from Fuffle HQ which means I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn each day - anyone who knows me well will tell you I don't like getting up early.

Again, it's a free to visit event, set in the beautiful park where the open air swimming pool (leedo or liedo? How do you pronounce it?).

Most of the Fuffle bars I need for that event are already made so I'll be making lots of Fufflechino pods. The hardest part of making the pods is closing them once they're filled. The powders and Fuffle stand a bit tall. I bought a Barista tamping steel to try and flatten it but all that did was make the stuff go flying everywhere. There's such a thing as a vibrating table but they cost a fortune. So with a piece of formica and an electric sander I made my own. It works perfectly and massively improved my job.

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