About Fuffle

What is Fuffle?

Back then, I was trying to sell my beautiful pyrography pictures at craft fairs but struggled due to their high prices.

However, I realised that people were more likely to buy sweets at the fair, so I decided to experiment with creating my own sweet treat. After raiding my cupboards for suitable ingredients, I concocted the perfect combination of flavoured fudge and truffle, which I named Fuffle. The texture of Fuffle falls somewhere between the two treats, and the name was a perfect way to describe it.

Over the years after making my little fudge shop, I've added new flavours above and beyond the standard chocolate fudges and chocolate truffles to the mix, but the recipe and process of making Fuffle has remained unchanged. In fact, all that has changed is the presentation and packaging.

In 2012, I had a eureka moment when I added a piece of Baileys Comet Fuffle to my coffee. It was a game-changer! For the next ten years, I shared this tip with customers at shows, and in March 2022, I finally perfected Fufflechinos to add to my fudge shop, a blend of coffee and hot chocolate pods that include a generous serving of Fuffle.

My ever-growing product line of handmade treats, including Fuffle and Fufflechinos, are all cut and wrapped by me. I still have a passion for making these sweet treats and sharing them with the world.

Fuffle is vegetarian, and (apart from the Malt?Easy!) it's all gluten-free. There are no E numbers or nasty unnatural chemicals.


About Fufflechinos

What is a Fufflechino?

A Fufflechino is a coffee or hot chocolate with a very generous piece of Fuffle melted into it for a delicious, warming beverage.

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