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Welcome to our online Fudge and Fuffle shop, home to all your Fudge, Truffle, and Fuffle desires! All the secret recipes used are created and perfected by me, Gary Davis, and I take great pride in producing the best crafted fudge bars and Fuffle delights! The fudge flavours in our Fuffle Bars and Fufflechinos available are sure to pique your curiosity, so why not take a look around and see what you would like to taste!

Our online fudge shop sells a wide variety of delectable fudge delicacies, with a myriad of flavours, from something you will recognise like caramel, to some of my own creations, like naughty marmalade gin and orange Fuffle! Check it out!

What is Fuffle?

Fuffle is my own creation, a combination of the delicious textures and flavours of fudge and truffle! As the signature and namesake product, I have spent a lot of time crafting new and exciting flavours to try out and share.

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What is a Fufflechino?

If you've never had a Fufflechino, you've been missing out! A Fufflechino is a coffee or hot chocolate with a very generous piece of Fuffle melted into it for a delicious, warming beverage.

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Our Flavours

With more than 20 flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone! From liqueur flavours including Amaretto, Baileys, and Jack Daniels, to the more traditional flavours like chocolate, vanilla, coffee and mint.

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Fuffle - is it Fudge or is it Truffle? You decide...